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Industry-Leading Varieties

BrettYoung and our soybean breeding partner, Elite, bring premium products specifically suited to western Canadian growing conditions. All of the Elite soybeans from BrettYoung are early maturing and high yielding with heat units that are specific to wherever you farm. Excellent pod height for easier harvest s a characteristic of many Elite soybean varieties.


Amirani R2 (2150 CHU, 000.5 RM)
Ultra Early Maturity and Great Yield

Nocoma R2 (2250 CHU, 000.8 RM)
The Early Maturity Pod Height Leader

Notus R2 (2300 CHU, 00.1 RM)
Higher Yields with Early Maturity

Karpo R2 (2350 CHU, 00.2 RM)
Exceptional Performance and Early Maturity

Akras R2 (2375 CHU, 00.3 RM)
The Standard in Pod Height

RX Cedo (2375 CHU, 00.3 RM)
New Early Variety with Flexibility of Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Cropping System

Sunna R2X (2375 CHU, 00.3 RM)
Impressive Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Variety with Great Size and Shape

Mani R2X (2425 CHU, 00.4 RM)
Bushier Plant Well-Suited for Row Crop Application

RX Acron (2450 CHU, 00.6 RM)
Aggresive New Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Variety Excels Under Tough Conditions

Renuka R2X (2375 CHU, 00.3 RM)
New Full Season Roundup Ready Xtend® for Heavy Soils

Vidar R2X (2500 CHU, 00.8 RM)
Full Season Roundup Ready Xtend Bean with IDC Tolerance

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Our Strategic Partner for Soybeans

The strategic partnership between BrettYoung and Elite brings premium soybean varieties specifically suited to western Canadian growing conditions.

Elite is a Canadian seed brand that prides itself on delivering varieties tailored to the specific needs of farmers across Western Canada. Their unwavering commitment to early-maturing markets is demonstrated through continued investments in soybean production research, plant breeding and variety development. Elite early maturity soybeans are developed and evaluated at the Research Farm in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, and at testing locations across Western Canada.

Elite has a full soybean development program dedicated to delivering soybeans with a maturity and performance profile to satisfy growers in all Prairie soybean production areas. The expansion of Prairie acres has driven investment into crosses directed towards early zone adaptation, additional private testing, disease screening and more nursery selection plots. The inclusion of pod height in their  selection process is unique and has led to varieties with superior harvestability versus competing products.

When farmers choose Elite, they are choosing cutting-edge products and technology along with industry-leading expertise.

To learn more about our breeding program, please watch our video:

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