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What's the Right Canola Seeding Rate for Your Farm This Spring?

Posted: Apr 06, 2021

With the canola seeding season coming up quickly in Western Canada, it’s important to start thinking about how much seed to plant in your fields. Choosing the right seeding rate for your farm not only maximizes return on investment but also helps ensure your canola crops start the season strong. Justine Cornelsen from the Canola Council of Canada and BrettYoung’s own Rene Mabon are here to help us think about seeding rates for this years’ earlier and drier spring.

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Harness the Benefits of Conventional Plant Breeding and Boost Milk Production with BrettYoung Alfalfa

Posted: Mar 24, 2021

In more recent years, we have seen the benefits of conventional forage breeding through an increased focus on less tangible characteristics such as quality, palatability, vigor, winterhardiness and disease resistance. Many of these characteristics, that exist in BrettYoung alfalfa products, can deliver a significant advantage when used in the appropriate management system and environment. Read our latest BY PLUS notes article to learn more how conventional breeding practices have enhanced the performance of BrettYoung alfalfa.

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Distinct by Design: Signum Soybean with Bio-Inducer Technology

Posted: Feb 22, 2021

Bio-Inducer Technology enables soybean plants to maximize their growth potential by fixing nitrogen sooner and delivering it where it’s needed most. It’s one of the two novel technologies developed by Rizobacter that power Signum Soybean – our new inoculant that helps soybean growers across Western Canada produce better, higher-yielding crops. Learn more about the technology and how it could benefit your farm on our latest BY PLUS notes article

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