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Leading Genetics in Corn

Elite’s corn evaluation program has access to multiple trait platforms and again is focused on early-maturing hybrids. The selection of grain corn hybrids targets yield, drydown, standability and disease resistance. In their silage and grazing line-up, hybrids are selected for high tonnage, high energy and production per acre.

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Elite® Dual Purpose Corn

BrettYoung and our corn breeding partner, Elite, produce silage and grazing corn selected to maximize ruminant gains. In addition, our Elite grain corn is specialized for Western Canada to deliver unbeatable return on investment with a focus on yield, maturity, drydown, and standability.

Yukon R (2050 Silage CHU)
Vigorous Yields
Dalton R (2150 Silage CHU)
Early Maturing, High Yielding
Fusion RR (2100 Silage CHU)
Widely Adapted Performer
Venza R (2400 Silage CHU)
Superior Performance
E52V97 R (2300 Silage CHU)
Early Flowering, Widely Adaptable
E61C37 R (2575 Silage CHU)
Tall Stature Plant for Perfect Silage
E44H12 R (1950 Silage CHU)
Top Choice for Early Season Areas
E47A12 R (2075 Silage CHU)
Strong Performer with Corn Borer Protection
E50P52 R (2250 Silage CHU)
Widely Adaptable, Strong Yielder
E52V92 R (2300 Silage CHU)
Widely Adaptable with Corn Borer Protection
E49K32 R (2150 Silage CHU)
The New Standard in High Performance Corn
E55T32 R (2450 Silage CHU)
Great Drydown and High Yield

About Elite

Elite is a Canadian seed company that prides itself on delivering varieties tailored to the specific needs of farmers across Canada.

Elite’s unwavering commitment to early-maturing markets is demonstrated through continued investments in crop production research, plant breeding and crop variety development. Elite’s corn hybrids and early maturity soybeans are developed and evaluated at the Elite Research Farm in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, as well as satellite testing locations in Western Canada. Elite has a full soybean breeding program with their own genetic material and is dedicated to developing soybeans with maturities to satisfy growers in all Canadian regions. Proof of this comes with a major expansion into Manitoba, which allows for additional private testing sites, more crosses directed toward early adaptation, additional disease screening and more nursery selection plots. Elite’s inclusion of pod height in their selecting process has led to varieties with superior harvestability for growers. When farmers choose Elite, they are choosing cutting-edge products and technology along with industry-leading expertise.

When farmers choose Elite, they are choosing cutting-edge products and technology, as well as industry-leading expertise to optimize their results.


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