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Third Generation Hybrid Alfalfa


Using patented hybrid technology, HybriForce-3400 brings the same performance level producers have come to expect from hybrids in other crops such as corn and canola. HybriForce-3400 is the third generation of HybriForce alfalfa hybrids that deliver unsurpassed forage yield potential. HybriForce-3400 has shown a 5% yield advantage over competitors in extensive research trials (data set of 746 cuts).

HybriForce-3400 delivers exceptional seedling vigor and hybrid performance rewarding growers for many harvests after establishment. Its exceptional regrowth, plant vigor and fine stems allow for more aggressive cutting regimes to yield more and better quality forage. Hybrids by design deliver more yield in the field over commercially produced synthetic varieties.

Yield Protection for Alfalfa Begins with Seed Production 

MsSunstra hybrid alfalfa technology protects the forage yield potential in the commercial seed you purchase. How is this accomplished? It is accomplished by controlling pollination with the patented MsSunstra seed production process. Other alfalfas cannot control pollination to this degree. Non-hybrid alfalfa commercial seed suffers yield loss from inbreeding as a result. 






Root Habit

Tap Rooted

Plant Type

Upright Hybrid

Preferred Growing Conditions

Widely adapted; top yield and quality

Production Period

Spring – Fall

Key Features

  • Highest forage yield potential
  • Rapid recovery
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Dense persistent stands
  • Fine stems and high quality


  • Bloat hazard
  • Needs good drainage

Environmental Tolerances

Winter Hardiness


Drought Tolerance


Flooding Tolerance


Optimum PH


Acidity Tolerance

Low to Moderate

Alkalinity Tolerance

Moderate to High

Salinity Tolerance

Low to Moderate