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Pasture Blends

BrettYoung offers a broad selection of prebuilt pasture blends that will satisfy most production requirements. Click on the blend components to learn more about that variety, or visit the Stock Blend Selector for a recommendation.

#6 Super Pasture

Excellent early spring pasture, produces 
well under stress

#7 Bloat Safe

Increased quality with no risk of bloat

#8 Parkland Pasture

High yielding pasture, works well in high traffic areas and aggressive grazing systems

#9 Dryland Pasture

Long-lived productive pasture blend for very dry areas

#10 All Purpose Pasture

Widely adapted for most pasture needs with easy establishment and quality regrowth

#11 Cattleman’s Choice/Premium Horse Hay

High protein pasture with superb regrowth, quick to establish and ideal for horses

#12 Grassland Blend

Maximize regrowth and quality with no risk of bloat, suitable for variable topographies


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Were Soybeans Worth It?

Posted: Oct 08, 2021

With Jason Henderson and Allan Wilson

This hasn’t been an easy year for farmers in the Prairies. Extreme heat and record low levels of precipitation this summer have meant significantly reduced yields for most crops.

Soybean growers weren’t immune to the pressures of the long, hot summer, which had producers bracing for low yields after seeing other crops suffer during the drought. 

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Protect Against Pod Shatter with Pod DefendR®

Posted: Sep 22, 2021

With Jesse Mutcheson

The subject of pod shatter has been on the minds of canola growers in Western Canada for some time now. Without protection against it — not only can pod shattering result in significant harvest losses, but it also limits the options you have to harvest your canola crop.

That’s why the recent introduction of Pod DefendR, canola with shatter-tolerant technology from BrettYoung and canola breeding partner DL Seeds, has the potential to be a game-changer for your fields.

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DefendR - A Strong Line of Defense

Posted: Sep 22, 2021

At BrettYoung, we know that sometimes good just isn’t good enough, and it was with that knowledge that we developed our line of resistant genetic traits for canola: DefendR®.

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