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Pasture Blends

BrettYoung offers a broad selection of prebuilt pasture blends that will satisfy most production requirements. Click on the blend components to learn more about that variety, or visit the Stock Blend Selector for a recommendation.

#6 Super Pasture

Excellent early spring pasture, produces 
well under stress

#7 Bloat Safe

Increased quality with no risk of bloat

#8 Parkland Pasture

High yielding pasture, works well in high traffic areas and aggressive grazing systems

#9 Dryland Pasture

Long-lived productive pasture blend for very dry areas

#10 All Purpose Pasture

Widely adapted for most pasture needs with easy establishment and quality regrowth

#11 Cattleman’s Choice/Premium Horse Hay

High protein pasture with superb regrowth, quick to establish and ideal for horses

#12 Grassland Blend

Maximize regrowth and quality with no risk of bloat, suitable for variable topographies