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Pasture Blends

BrettYoung offers a broad selection of prebuilt pasture blends that will satisfy most production requirements. Click on the blend components to learn more about that variety, or visit the Stock Blend Selector for a recommendation.

#6 Super Pasture

Excellent early spring pasture, produces 
well under stress

#7 Bloat Safe

Increased quality with no risk of bloat

#8 Parkland Pasture

High yielding pasture, works well in high traffic areas and aggressive grazing systems

#9 Dryland Pasture

Long-lived productive pasture blend for very dry areas

#10 All Purpose Pasture

Widely adapted for most pasture needs with easy establishment and quality regrowth

#11 Cattleman’s Choice/Premium Horse Hay

High protein pasture with superb regrowth, quick to establish and ideal for horses

#12 Grassland Blend

Maximize regrowth and quality with no risk of bloat, suitable for variable topographies


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With the combination of extreme heat and drier conditions this year, keeping your canola protected from insects is critical. That’s why we sat down with John Gavloski, Entomologist for Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Resource Development, to talk about the insects you should be scouting for in your canola this summer, how to identify them and recommendations for dealing with them.

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Three Key Considerations for a Successful Alfalfa Harvest

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When it comes to harvesting your alfalfa crop, timing is key. Cutting it at the correct time not only helps maximize your yield, but it can also boost the quality and profitability of your crop. Get that timing right and you could have a bumper crop on your hands—get it wrong and the opposite will be true. You need to consider several important factors when it comes to choosing the correct time to harvest alfalfa, says Bill Jensen, a Regional Account Manager for BrettYoung.

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Introducing BrettYoung Corn

Posted: Jul 16, 2021

BrettYoung is adding to their portfolio with a new silage and grazing corn line specifically designed for the needs of Western Canadian cattle grower.  Corn is an important forage crop and as a leading forage supplier we are proud to be able to offer hybrids specially selected for silage and grazing. BrettYoung corn will provide growers leading hybrids with broad adaptability and reliable performance, backed by the BrettYoung service and support growers know and trust.

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