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Miscellaneous Blends

BrettYoung offers several prebuilt miscellaneous blends for special soil conditions and uses. Click on the blend components to learn more about that variety, or visit the Stock Blend Selector for a recommendation.

#13 Saline

Quick establishment in saline areas with good longevity, helps reclaim saline areas over time
• 25% Slender Wheatgrass
• 25% Riding Brand Tall Fescue
• 20% Tall Wheatgrass
• 10% Blend 4440 Alfalfa Securus
• 10% Dahurian Wildrye
• 10% Sweet Clover (yellow/white blossom)

#14 Lowland

Excellent blend to reclaim areas prone to flooding, aggressive root systems will help utilize moisture
• 30% Rival Reed Canarygrass
• 20% Riding Brand Tall Fescue
• 20% Catapult/Climax Timothy
• 15% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
• 15% Alsike Clover

#15 Horse Pasture

Easy to establish, low maintenance blend, excellent for acreages, farm yards, high traffic areas and horse pastures
• 50% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
• 20% Catapult/Climax Timothy
• 15% Bigbang Annual Ryegrass
• 10% Tirem Kentucky Bluegrass
• 5%  Grasslands Huia White Clover 

#17 All Grass Saline

Rapid establishment in saline areas, good longevity and no risk of bloat

• 40% Riding Brand Tall Fescue
• 20% Carlton Smooth Bromegrass Securus
• 15% Pubescent Wheatgrass
• 15% Slender Wheatgrass
• 10% Dahurian Wildrye

#18 Annual Forage EXT

Long-season, cocktail crop grazing applications with soil improvement benefits

• 50% Fabio Italian Ryegrass
• 15% Purebred Brand Radish
• 15% Purple Top Turnip
• 10% Hairy Vetch
• 10% Forage Brassica

#19 Saline Hay Blend *Pilot Program Blend*

Top tonnage in saline soils
• 30% Blend 4440 Alfalfa Securus
• 30% AC Saltlander Wheatgrass Securus
• 15% Stronghold Alfalfa Securus
• 15% Cowgirl/Riding Brand Tall Fescue
• 10% Dahurian Wildrye

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