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Securus™ is a proprietary seed coating that improves the appearance, handling and agronomics of our top alfalfas and bromegrasses. The benefits of Securus start with a specially formulated granule that is dissolved in-house to form a dense polymer solution, delivering market-leading durability. These improvements in durability have contributed to more uniform coverage as the coating is bonded to the seed at application and will suffer less damage during handling.

The Securus carrier is talc which is a naturally occurring mineral that is highly stable, chemically inert and odorless. Talc has a plate-like cellular structure that more effectively adheres to seed. Better adhesion means improved flowability and less dust-off. The Securus polymer is bacteria friendly and pH neutral, supporting high rhizobia levels and ensuring optimum on-seed survival.

Securus includes precise layering of Apron XL® fungicide and OMRI-certified Nitragin® Gold inoculant on alfalfa. Apron XL guards against diseases that can inhibit emergence, plant stand, plant health and ultimately yield potential. Nitragin Gold consistently delivers high levels of nitrogen fixation through specially selected natural rhizobia strains.

Benefits of Securus

  • Helps with flowability and accurate seed placement
  • Consistent seed appearance and improved visibility in the soil
  • Seed environment conducive to improved germination and seedling survival
  • Fungicide and inoculant are layered on alfalfa to aid in seedling health, nitrogen fixation and plant growth

Seed Coating

BrettYoung seed coating gives your seed every chance to succeed. The precise layering of inoculant, fungicide and other growth promoting additives on-seed provides value-added benefits. At our state-of-the-art computerautomated
seed coating facility, we enhance the appearance, handling and agronomics of our top seed products with Securus.

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