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Lactal Perennial Ryegrass

Lactal is a tetraploid forage type perennial ryegrass selected for forage yield, digestibility, and good resistance to crown and stem rust. Its yield is characterized by aggressive regrowth and consistent second and third cut performance in hay applications. Bred from European material, it has strong winterhardiness that is suitable for harsher climates and excels in dry conditions.

Lactal offers premier quality hay, pasture or silage. Its excellent digestibility and feed value – attributable to breeding efforts to reduce heading (setting seed through summer) – is suitable for all classes of livestock, especially those with high nutrient requirements.






Root Habit


Plant Type


Preferred Growing Conditions

Medium to high fertility soils with adequate moisture

Production Period

Mid to Late Summer, Fall

Key Features

  • Strong Yield
  • Aggressive Regrowth
  • Digestibility
  • Stem and Crown Rust Resistance
  • Winterhardiness


  • Very susceptible to winter killing

Approx. Seeds/lb


Seeding Rate lb/acre

8 - 12

Environmental Tolerances

Winter Hardiness

Above Average

Drought Tolerance


Flooding Tolerance


Optimum PH

5.5 - 7.5

Acidity Tolerance


Alkalinity Tolerance

Low to Moderate

Salinity Tolerance

Low to Moderate

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