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Golden German


Silage, Grazing, Greenfeed

Root Habit


Plant Type

Warm Season Grass

Preferred Growing Conditions

Prefers warm soil and growing conditions

Production Period

Late Summer & Fall

Key Features

  • Very good for swath grazing

Approx. Seeds/lb


Environmental Tolerances

Winter Hardiness


Drought Tolerance

Moderate to High

Flooding Tolerance


Optimum PH

6.0 - 7.5

Acidity Tolerance


Alkalinity Tolerance


Salinity Tolerance


Recent BY PLUS notes

Protect Against Pod Shatter with Pod DefendR®

Posted: Sep 22, 2021

With Jesse Mutcheson

The subject of pod shatter has been on the minds of canola growers in Western Canada for some time now. Without protection against it — not only can pod shattering result in significant harvest losses, but it also limits the options you have to harvest your canola crop.

That’s why the recent introduction of Pod DefendR, canola with shatter-tolerant technology from BrettYoung and canola breeding partner DL Seeds, has the potential to be a game-changer for your fields.

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DefendR - A Strong Line of Defense

Posted: Sep 22, 2021

At BrettYoung, we know that sometimes good just isn’t good enough, and it was with that knowledge that we developed our line of resistant genetic traits for canola: DefendR®.

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Forage and Turf Seed Production Market Update

Posted: Sep 16, 2021

Growing forage and turf seed is a great way not only to diversify the risk and spread out your farm workload, but to also be able to take advantage of two separate uses from a single field – income from the seed crop, and also the straw and forage regrowth that is produced as a by-product in some crops.

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