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Industry-leading Alfalfa

BrettYoung offers a wide selection of high-performance alfalfa varieties. Excellent forage yield potential, outstanding quality and a mixture of rooting habits and special characteristics make these varieties the best alfalfa for your farm. 

Follow the links inside the table to learn more about key features and agronomic characteristics of our alfalfa portfolio.

Intended Use Variety​ Rooting Habit Leaf Type Winterhardiness
Hay 4020 MF Tap root Multi-Foliate Good
4030 Tap root Trifoliate Good
4010 BR Branch root Trifoliate Good
Blend 4440 Mixed Multi-Foliate Very Good
Barricade SLT Tap root Trifoliate Very Good
HybriForce-3400 Tap root Trifoliate Good
Stronghold Tap root Multi-Foliate Very Good
Surge HG Tap root Multi-Foliate Very Good
Hay & Pasture 3010 Deep set crown Trifoliate Good
2010 Creeping root Trifoliate Good
Spyder Creeping root Trifoliate Very Good
Foothold Spreader Multi-Foliate Excellent

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Posted: Sep 11, 2020

Thank-you for being a customer of BrettYoung, and now, part of BY PLUS. BrettYoung is an independent seed company who has been deeply involved in and driven by the needs of Canadian agriculture for over 80 years. To find out more about the pillars that drive us forward and what to expect in future editions of BY PLUS notes, read more...

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Distinct by Design: Breeding Clubroot-Resistant Canola

Posted: Sep 10, 2020

There are three things you need to know about DL Seeds. First, like family-owned BrettYoung, DL Seeds is also in part family-owned (50% to be exact). Second, while these canola plant breeding specialists are headquartered in Morden, Manitoba, they boast two parent companies in Europe and share germplasm, breeding research and knowledge between several continents. Third, and maybe most important, DL Seeds has developed a canola variety with likely the broadest clubroot resistance available to North American farmers today.

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