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Industry-leading Alfalfa

BrettYoung offers a wide selection of high-performance alfalfa varieties. Excellent forage yield potential, outstanding quality and a mixture of rooting habits and special characteristics make these varieties the best alfalfa for your farm. 

Follow the links inside the table to learn more about key features and agronomic characteristics of our alfalfa portfolio.

Intended Use Variety​ Rooting Habit Plant Type Fall Dormancy Rating Winterhardiness
  4030 Tap root Upright 4.0 1.6
Hay 4020 MF Tap root Upright Multifoliate 4.0 1.8
Barricade SLT Tap root Upright 4.0 2.0
Tap root Upright Hybrid 4.0 1.8
Surge HG Tap root Upright Multifoliate 4.0 1.7
4010 BR Branch root Upright 3.6 1.6
Blend 4440 Mixed Upright 3.5 1.8
Stronghold Tap root Upright Multifoliate 3.0 1.3
Hay & Pasture 3010 Deep set crown Upright 2.5 1.8
2010 Creeping root Upright 2.4 1.9
Foothold Spreader Prostrate Multifoliate 2.0 1.7
Spyder Creeping root Upright 1.0 1.0

Recent BY PLUS notes

Distinct by Design: Osmo Protector Technology

Posted: Jan 21, 2021

An essential part of what makes BrettYoung Distinct by Design is our strategic partnerships with innovation leaders from within and outside Canada. One of our global partners is Rizobacter, an Argentina-based microbiology company that provides agronomic solutions for growers in more than 40 countries. Ignacio Crippa is a key member of the Rizobacter team and someone BrettYoung depends on to help deliver reliable biological inoculants to our customers — products like Osmium Pea/Lentil and Osmium Chickpea, two liquid inoculants that provide Western Canadian pea, lentil, faba bean, and chickpea growers with crops that perform better in challenging conditions while producing higher yield potential.

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Planting Certified Forage Seed Worth Peace of Mind

Posted: Jan 21, 2021

Certified forage seed production fields are planted using foundation seed, meaning the seed is one generation from the breeder seed being harvested from the source genetic material. “Closer lines to the source genetic material will provide better varietal integrity and will more closely demonstrate the characteristics of the source variety,” says Erik Dyck, Product Manager for Forage and Turf at BrettYoung. “This is a quality assurance tool put in place for the benefit of Growers. When they grow certified forage seed, they are choosing not to compromise on yield potential and other varietal characteristics like feed quality, seedling vigour, and disease resistance.”

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Distinct by Design: Biologicals Backed by Rizobacter Technologies

Posted: Dec 17, 2020

Biologicals help deliver healthier crops and better yields, like BrettYoung’s Signum Soybean, Osmium Pea/Lentil and Osmium Chickpea products that release microorganisms that trigger processes that not only enhance nutrient use, but also increase tolerance to stressors like drought or extreme temperatures. The technology behind BrettYoung inoculants comes from our partners at Rizobacter—an industry-leading microbiology business that’s been delivering growers better agronomic performance for over 40 years. Ariel Gohlke is the North American business manager for Rizobacter. From growing his own crops in Argentina to studying administration and working with Canadian growers in Saskatchewan, let’s take a closer look at how Gohlke, and the Rizobacter team, help BrettYoung deliver superior biologicals to North American farmers.

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