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Value-Class Varieties

BrettYoung categorizes various varieties as "Value Class" - experience the product performance you've come to expect from BrettYoung canola at value pricing.

Variety System Yield Rating1 DefendR Rating Disease Rating Maturity1
4157 RR 101% Blackleg: R-CE1
Major Gene ID: Rlm 3+4
+2.0 days
4166 RR 96% Blackleg: R-CE1
Major Gene ID: Rlm 3+4
+0.4 days
4187 RR 102% Blackleg: R-CE1
Major Gene ID: Rlm 3+4
Clubroot: R (pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8*)
+1.7 days

Yield and maturity ratings based on relative to check performance in available Coop, CPT and private trials.

Recent BY PLUS notes

Harvest Timing

Posted: Aug 16, 2022

If you don’t already have crops being harvested, you’re likely keeping a close eye on your fields to decide when to start. Just like any other crop, timing of when you start harvesting your canola can have big impacts on yield and quality, here are a few things to keep in mind as you watch your crops progress this fall.

The first decision to make is whether you will be harvesting or swathing a crop. This is largely influenced by hybrid– if you have seeded canola with pod shatter protection, such as a Pod DefendR hybrid, you may be able to leave these fields out to straight cut.

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Scouting For Blackleg in Canola

Posted: Aug 16, 2022

Disease surveying in the fall is one of those tasks many of us drag our feet on. Nothing can be done that late in the season to protect the crop from damage, so why survey? The value of surveying is to assess your current management practices and hybrid selections to help make better-informed decisions that will maximize yield potential in future years.

For a disease like blackleg, the canola crop may not show visible signs of damage. Only after disease surveying may the true level of blackleg damage be determined, along with the bushels lost to the disease.

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