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Canola Seed Treatment Options

All BrettYoung canola varieties come treated with Helix® Vibrance® as the base treatment. Additional seed treatment options, including Recover® PO4 and Fortenza® Advanced are available through your retailer.


Base Treatment



BY 6206TF
6090 RR
6074 RR
4187 RR
6076 CR
BY 5105CL
5545 CL

Recover PO4 is a seed-applied, biological phosphate solubilizer for most field crops in a convenient, ready-to-use liquid formulation. Recover PO4 enhances your crop's early vigour, increases root growth and expands leaf surface area. Learn more about the benefits of Recover PO4 here.

Fortenza Advanced seed treatment provides leading control of cutworms.

Cutworms can devastate a canola crop. The pest will cut seedlings off at the soil surface, or just below. Cutworms tend to be nocturnal, so until the introduction of Fortenza Advanced, the most effective management solution was to spray at night when the highest incidence of feeding occurs. By managing cutworms early with Fortenza Advanced, a grower can minimize the need to spray and improve efficiency during a very busy time of the year.

Fortenza Advanced is a seed-applied insecticide, and another tool that can be used in conjunction with foliar products as part of a grower’s cutworm management strategy.

Cutworm Pressure in Waldheim, SK 2015: The red icons on the image above represent canola that was treated with Fortenza and a base fungicide treatment. All others did not receive a Fortenza treatment. The trial was intended to evaluate activity on flea beetles. It was determined that the damage evidenced was due to cutworms.