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BrettYoung Comparison Trials

Our Commitment to Performance

BrettYoung Comparison Trials (BCTs) are designed to compare key BrettYoung commercial and pre-commercial varieties head-to-head against our competitors’ leading varieties  The BCTs represent our commitment to bringing superior canola varieties to the market and provide information to help you make your variety selections  The BCT sites are replicated field-scale strip trials that are managed by growers in conjunction with an independent management company  Results of each site taken to harvest will be published in the fall of 2017.

Trials Summary

Our program continues to expand development of new high-yielding canola hybrids with our trademark “Excellent Harvestability” and strong disease-resistance package  This year, we are pleased to have further enhanced our long-standing BCT  program to include more Clearfield® BCTs in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well  as new Genuity® Roundup Ready® Clubroot tolerant BCT sites in Alberta. Additonally, we participate in the Canola Performance Trials (CPTs) coordinated by  the Canola Council of Canada in co- operation with the industry  These trials provide valuable information for growers  to use to help evaluate and make their  variety selections  See the Canola Council  of Canada’s website (www canolacouncil org) for more details on the CPTs and the results this fall.

The objective of the trials is to provide an opportunity for retailers and growers to see the varieties in the field and provide a base for our performance dataset.