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6074 RR: The Only Canola with Yields to Challenge InVigor

The InVigor Challenge Trials

With yields that lead the Genuity Roundup Ready segment, 6074 RR proved it could go head-to-head with the perceived yield leader, InVigor. In 2016, BrettYoung launched the InVigor Yield Challenge Trials - 15 head-to-head trials across Western Canada that featured 6074 RR against the best InVigor hybrids. And the results are in:

To see 2017 trial results, click here.

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The Yield Leader
  • The Roundup Ready canola variety with yields to challenge InVigor
  • Improved tolerance to Sclerotinia Stem Rot*
  • Blackleg resistant
  • Consistent performer with excellent harvestability


6074 RR

Yield Rating



R - C

Major Gene ID

Rlm 3

Sclerotinia Rating





+1.7 days
Performance in Trials

Disease Management Rating: R = Resistant, IT = Improved Tolerance

Yield and maturity ratings based on relative to check performance in available Co-op, CPT and private trials.
Improved tolerance versus susceptible varieties, using WCC/RRC-approved protocol. 

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