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Canola Portfolio

Industry-Leading Varieties

Realize your yield potential with BrettYoung canola. BrettYoung has industry-leading varieties in the TruFlexTM canola with Roundup Ready® Technology, Roundup Ready® and Clearfield® systems, sourcing the best technology and genetics to keep your business profitable.

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BrettYoung's pemium canola genetics also carry the DefendR trait platform as part of an active disease management strategy.

Canola Portfolio - Summary of Key Characteristics




Genetic Traits

Disease Rating

Direct Harvest

BY 6204TF 102% Blackleg: R - CE1
Major Gene ID: Rlm 3+4
Clubroot: R (1st generation* resistance)
- +0.1 days
6090 RR 104%
Blackleg: R - CE1
Major Gene ID: Rlm 3+4
Clubroot: R (1st generation* resistance)
+1.5 days
6074 RR 101%

Blackleg: R - C
Major Gene ID:
Rlm 3 
Sclerotinia: IT

- +1.7 days
6076 CR 96%
Blackleg: R - CE1
Major Gene ID: Rlm 3+4
Clubroot: R (Next-generation**)
Sclerotinia: IT
- +2.0 days
BY 5125CL 106% Blackleg: R - CE1
Major Gene ID: Rlm 3+4
Clubroot: R (1st generation* resistance)
- +0.4 days

BY 5105CL

105% - Blackleg: R - C
Major Gene ID: Rlm 3
Clubroot: R (1st generation* resistance)
- +1.5 days

Disease Management Rating: R = Resistant, IT = Improved Tolerance
1 Yield and maturity ratings based on relative to check performance in available Co-op, CPT and private trials.
* 1st generation resistance means resistant to pathotypes 2F, 3H, 5I, 6M and 8N (these are equivalent to pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 on the Williams' differential set).
** Next-generation resistance includes pathotypes covered by 1st generation resistance plus resistance to newer pathotypes such as 2B, 3A, 3D and other prevalent pathotypes.

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