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Blend 4440

The premier certified alfalfa blend in the Canadian prairies


Blend 4440 is a mixture of premium, certified alfalfas specifically developed to combine the strengths of our best varieties: high yields, superior winterhardiness, disease resistance, multi-foliate expression, and unique rooting habits such as branch root, sunken crown and creeping root characteristics. The unique strengths of this blend offer suitabillity to a wide range of growing conditions. Demand the best, insist on BLEND 4440 ALFALFA



Blend 4440



Root Habit


Plant Type


Preferred Growing Conditions

Widely adapted

Production Period

Spring - Fall

Key Features

  • Blend of certified varieties
  • Widely adapted
  • High yield potential
  • Excellent winterhardiness
  • Disease resistance


  • Bloat hazard
  • Needs good drainage

Environmental Tolerances

Winter Hardiness

Very Good

Drought Tolerance


Flooding Tolerance


Optimum PH


Acidity Tolerance

Low to Moderate

Alkalinity Tolerance

Moderate to High

Salinity Tolerance

Low to Moderate

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