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Rizobacter is an Argentine company founded over 40 years ago. It is a world-leading agricultural microbiology company that investigates, improves and commercializes innovative solutions for the development of crops around the world.


  • Rizobacter is uniquely focused on biological products and their commitment to research means groundbreaking products that consistently increase crop productivity
  • Rizobacter technologies increase rhizobia inoculant efficacy and stress tolerance through unique manufacturing processes
  • Products come in convenient, all-in-one formulations, eliminating the time consuming process of mixing multiple components


BrettYoung and Rizobacter working together means new, class-leading inoculant products are now available to growers in Western Canada and the U.S. Northern Plains states, backed by BrettYoung service and support.

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Learn how Rizobacter's Innovative Biologicals Can Boost Your Crop's Performance

Recent BY PLUS notes

Assessing Nodulation

Posted: Jun 11, 2021

With Ignacio Crippa and Rene Mabon

Nodulation is when new organs called nodules are formed near the roots of pulse crops like peas, lentils, soybeans and chickpeas. These nodules fix nitrogen that’s present in the air and supply it to the plant in a form that it can use in a process known as nitrogen fixation.

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Here's What to Look for in your Forage Establishment

Posted: Jun 11, 2021

With Kent Price

Your forage stand is a long-term investment, so it’s critical to properly evaluate your crops in their establishment year. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to evaluating your establishment early on in the season, but density is perhaps the most important factor, says Kent Price, a Regional Account Manager for BrettYoung specializing in forage crops.

“You want density,” Price explains, “The main concern on initial establishment is that you have enough plants that have emerged.”

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It is Time to Evaluate Your Canola Stand

Posted: Jun 11, 2021

It's part of reaching better yields

Canola plant stands below 3-4 plants per square foot are unlikely to reach their full yield potential. Your targeted plant stand is likely going to be a higher number than this, but it does vary depending on your field conditions.

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