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Launcher Soybean

Launcher Granular and Liquid Inoculants

Launcher inoculants are an effective and efficient source of rhizobia for soybean and pulse growers to ensure effective biological nitrogen fixation for their crops.

Formulation Bradyrhizobium japonicum 
Peat Granular
Crop Soybean
Application In-furrow
In Furrow Application Rate 3.8 lbs per ac (4.4 kg per ha)
12 inch row
Package Size 18.14 kg (40 lbs) or
235.87 kg (520 lbs)



Bradyrhizobium japonicum 
Liquid Suspension

Crop Soybean
Application On-seed or In-furrow
On Seed Application Rate 130 ml per 1000 kg
2 fl. oz per 100 lbs
In Furrow Application Rate 5 ml per 100 m
0.5 fl. oz per 1000 ft
On Seed Life Up to 4 days
Package Size 11.84 L treats 400 units (20,000 lbs)
1.18 L treats 40 units (2,000 lbs)


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