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Seed and Crop Inputs (USA)

What's New at BrettYoung

BrettYoung™  will be introducing TruFlex™  canola with Roundup Ready®  Technology for the 2020 growing season. These varieties will feature the unique high-performance genetics you expect from  BrettYoung canola with enhanced flexibility and weed control. Watch for them in trials this summer and look for additional details later this fall. These new varieties will complement our existing lineup of top performing Roundup Ready®  canola varieties with the proven performance of 6070 RR and 6090 RR, which boasts Clubroot protection and is well suited to direct harvest systems. BrettYoung’s new ClearField®  canola variety, BY 5105CL, showcases an industry first – Clubroot  protection coupled with high-yielding genetics (105%*).

In biological news, Recover PO4  remains a leading option for farmers looking to improve productivity. The Penicillium bilaii organism (same active ingredient as JumpStart®) in this product has helped thousands of farmers grow bigger,healthier crops because of improved access to more plant-available phosphate (P) from both fertilizer and soil.

The agriculture industry is undergoing significant change as consolidation continues and the number of choices declines, yet BrettYoung remains a family-owned company. We have strong connections to local markets where we continue to grow our presence. We are proud of our investment in innovation and infrastructure, and our partnerships with world-class organizations. We are passionate about bringing choice through distinct and leading products which help keep your operation profitable. By design, our success is deeply rooted within your success; the two are intertwined and grow together.

We are Distinct By Design and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Recent News

Rizobacter Appoints New Inoculant Distributor

Posted: Jan 03, 2020

Brett-Young Seeds Limited and Rizobacter Inc. are pleased to announce that BrettYoung has been appointed as a distribution partner for Rizobacter branded products in Western Canada and the US Northern Plains states.

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