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You Have to Have this Variety In Your Blend


The whole purpose of blending is to broaden genetic diversity, not narrow it. Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass is an excellent choice as a mono-stand and a blending variety. As a "shamrock" type, Brooklawn has disease resistance, high crown rust and powdery mildew resistance, and was rated at the top in NTEP trials for turf quality, color and texture.

  • ​Rated #1 in Disease Resistance in the 2001 NTEP Turf Trials
  • Excellent WInter Density & was ranked 6th among all entries in Sod Streching Tests
  • Tops in the NTEP Turf Trials for Turf Quality, Color, Texture
  • Aggressive Rhizome Development Ideal for quick establishment and sod farms