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Versatile Turf. Proven Performance.


Babe is a proven performer that is steadfast in the field. Babe consistently exhibits a medium dark green color even under stress, has rapid establishment and high percent of green cover. Extensive rhizomes aide in exceptional tolerance to traffic, drought stress and fast recovery. In 2015, Babe placed in the top statistical group for drought stress and turf performance under simulated traffic.

Bred as a Shamrock and Midnight cross it has favorable characteristics from each type including good turf quality, dwarf vertical growth and high sod strength. Babe has shown good resistance to the fungal disease leaf spot, crown rust and summer patch. Make the economical choice to better looking turf, choose Babe KBG.

Key Features

  • Full sun lawn areas
  • Rapid green cover
  • Shamrock & Midnight cross
  • Strong disease resistance
  • Drought and traffic tolerance