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Shadow IIl


Shadow III chewings fescue was selected for increased turf quality, disease resistance and high levels of endophyte. Shadow III has a bright, medium, vibrant green color. It has shown strong tolerance to drought conditions, fast recovery from summer stress and the ability to withstand low mowing regimes. Shadow III is an ideal choice as a standalone or in a blend with other cool season grasses such as perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and is complimentary with tall fescue because of its shade tolerance. 

Species Characteristics

Chewings fescues have more upright growth than creeping fescues, but retain the fine texture of the fine fescue group of grasses. Chewings fescue is a bunch type that forms a very dense, tight knit turf. Characteristic of fine fescues, are the finest leaves, most shade tolerance, lowest fertility and moisture requirements of all cool season grasses. In addition, they germinate more rapidly than Kentucky bluegrass.