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Turf Quality

Aberdeen is a strong creeper developed by Pure Seed Testing Inc. and represents a significant advancement in overall turf quality for creeping red fescue. It has very good spring green up, drought tolerance, genetic color and is consistently ranked in the top of turf quality trials, even when compared to many chewing fescues. Aberdeen exhibits excellent red thread and dollar spot resistance.

Disease Resistance

Aberdeen has a high endophyte level, aiding the plant with a very good resistance to pests and diseases.

Key Characteristics

Aberdeen is dark green in color with a very fine blade width. As well as having a creeping growth habit, it is very cold tolerant, has good summer density, excellent drought tolerance and stands up well under traffic. Compares favorably with many chewing fescues and is a good choice for fine fescue applications.

Agronomic Summary

Performing well in shade and unmowed areas, it also mixes with improved fescues, bluegrasses and perennial ryegrass to enhance turf quality, especially in poor soils. Early spring and fall seeding produce the best consistent results.