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Fine Fescue

With our access to the primary production region in northern Alberta and British Columbia, fine fescues have long been a strength of BrettYoung. Fine fescues have fine textured leaves, grow well in shade, use less nitrogen and water, and are suited to northern climates. Creeping red fescue is rhizomatous in nature, while chewings fescue and hard fescue are bunch type grasses.

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Variety Key Features Typical Use
Shadow lll
  • Shade and drought tolerance
  • Fine texture
  • Rapid recovery
  • Dark green color
  • Extreme cold tolerance
  • Strong spring green-up
  • Very fine leaf texture
  • Dark green genetic color
  • Low maintenance and pro applications
  • Dark green color
  • Top NTEP performer
  • Exceptional quality
  • Strong traffic tolerance