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PBS 150


PBS 150 is a long-term surfactant utilizing a unique multi-branched molecular structure to address the source of performance loss – biodegradation of the surfactant molecule by soil microbes. PBS 150 sustains a longer uniform soil moisture profile. A uniform supply of water within the soil profile is critical during heat and water stress periods to meet the transpirational demands of the plant. Equally important, is the need for a uniform supply of water to turfgrass roots during a period of recovery and repair. Without a sustained supply of water, the turfgrass plant will be unable to rebuild its root system and carbohydrate (sugar) reserves (needed to survive dormancy and for subsequent new growth requirements). The ability of PBS 150 to improve the uniform soil moisture status of turfgrass offers the turfgrass manager a highly flexible surfactant system from which to address these two critical periods of successful turfgrass management -- Heat and Water Stress and Turfgrass Recovery.