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FloThru™ A-Plus

FloThru™ A-Plus Penetrant & Bicarbonate Reducer

Flo Thru™ A-Plus Provides uniform water movement. 

Dissolves bicarbonates that release calcium to displace sodium. 

FloThru™ A-Plus is an acid-based penetrant that dissolves bicarbonates and frees calcium.
Available soil calcium will then displace soil sodium. The penetrant “flattens” droplet beading by reducing water tension. This results in even coverage of sprays on leaf blade. The penetrant also provides even water penetration into the soil which reduces localized dry spots. The double action of FloThru™ A-Plus results in:

•  Even spray coverage on leaf blade
•  Faster and even water penetration into soil
•  Consistent soil moisture due to uniform water movement
•  Dissolving bicarbonates which provide available soil calcium for an extended period due to the long-lasting acid