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pHusion Manganese

For Soils that are deficient in Manganese


pHusion Manganese 7% is an acid-based manganese liquid that is ideal for correcting manganese deficiencies in the soil. The acid-based liquid formulation contains Urea-Sulfuric Acid that aids in acidifying soil. Manganese availability increases when soil pH is maintained below 7.0. Manganese influences photosynthesis and is involved in several plant enzymes that promote chlorophyll production in the plant.The result is a darker, natural green tissue. 

Turf that is grown in soils that have higher soil pH than 7.0 and low manganese levels may be prone to certain undesirable disease pathogens that maycause detrimental results due to low available manganese levels. pHusion Manganese 7% can correct soil manganese deficiencies, improve plant gorwth and provide healthier plants through better nutrition when applied properly.