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Supplemental Nutrition


Brand Product Formulation Key Features
​Calcium Carbonate Based Aqua Aid Verde-Cal

THCA-Acid Enhanced Calcium Carbonate Product

• Great product for acidic soils
• ​Will adjust ph​
• 4x more available than Lime

Plant Food Company pHusion Manganese Liquid
Urea-Sulphuric Acid 
Manganese Product

• Acid-based manganese product low in nitrogen
• Ideal for correcting manganese deficiencies in soil
• Promotes a darker, natural green colour

Simplot TruLime

Calcium Carbonate

• Ideal for acidic soils
• Fine grind to increase availability
• Available in SGN 160 and 210

Gypsum Based BrettYoung Granulated Gypsum Granular
Gypsum, Molasses
• Ideal for sodic soils
• Fine grind to increase availability
• With molasses to enhance microbial activity
BrettYoung Exchange
Gypsum, sul-po-mag
• Ideal for acidic soils
• Balanced analysis to counteract sodium
• Highly dispersible for great efficiency
Aqua Aid Verde-Cal G

THCA-Acid Enhanced Gypsum Product

• Great product for sodium reduction
•Helps to rebalance soils
• 4x more available than gypsum

Simplot TruGyp


• Ideal for sodic soils
• Fine grind to increase availabilty
• Available in SGN 90, 160 and 210