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TurfRx C-85


TurfRx C-85 by Redox is now available in Canada, exclusively through BrettYoung.

A multi-extraction humic and fulvic acid, TurfRx C-85 contains soluble carbon molecules that are plant available in all soil types. TurfRx C-85 dramatically improves your soil microbial activity, resulting in:

• Improved thatch control
• Better soil nutrient release
• Improved fertilizer effi ciency
• Enhanced moisture-holding capacity

Redox’s TurfRx C-85:

• Is a sprayer-friendly, easy-to-use liquid product
• Contains short-, medium-, and long-chain soluble carbon, plant-available across a broad pH range
• Increases soil microbial diversity and soil health
• Increases synthetic nitrogen effi ciency by at least 25%
• Reduces the requirements for nitrogen and phosphorous inputs for a more sustainable program
• Reduces thatch