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The POGO - Your Most Trusted Resource

With minimal effort, gain the most insight into your turf and soil conditions possible with technology today.

The Stevens POGO is a portable sensor for turf and soil measurement that puts the power of the popular Stevens Hydra Probe in the palm of your hand and allows for easy soil measurement anywhere.

Using built-in Wi-Fi, the POGO connects wirelessly with your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android smart phones and tablets to collect soil data using the free Stevens HydraMon App, available for download from the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace (search “Stevens Water” or "HydraMon" to find the app).

Using the Stevens POGO, you're free to take soil measurements anywhere at any time, without the time requirements of setting up a permanent soil monitoring system.

Please take advantage of promotional savings for all new and existing POGO cloud services!

For a limited time – UNTIL DECEMBER 15, 2016 - purchase a two-year Cloud Service for $650.00 CAD. This is a significant savings over the traditional full year programming. Contact your BrettYoung Sales Representative for more information and details.

Custom Solutions

Using the POGO, turf and soil assessments are easy and reliable. Focusing on the most influencing component of the turf system that includes the surface, thatch, mat layer and the uppermost soil medium, the POGO quickly and easily identifies factors that affect surface performance while allowing the user to make quick and direct decisions to offset ailments that will diminish turf performance and conditions. Use for adjusting irrigation practices, nutritional inputs, cultural practices, and integrated pest management decisions. The POGO is easily customizable to meet your specific operation and desires.

Web Solutions

While the POGO is powerful in itself, Stevens' POGO Turf Pro cloud-based analytical and mapping system allows the user to link the POGO data to this cloud-based program for further analysis specific to his or her operation.

  • Map GPS positions of POGO readings
  • Log golf pin / cup positions in everyday setup while trending these over time and avoiding stress build up
  • Log and view sprinkler and irrigation distribution
  • Customize growing degree models for appropriate targets such as turf stresses, pest development likelihood, and plant protection application targeting
  • Optimize cultural practice timing
  • Many other applications for display of what current and historical course conditions, and what is happening over time
  • Easily access the cloud-based system from any internet connection
  • Visit for a demo or to learn more

Mobile App Measurement Parameters

The POGO can measure and record a number of parameters, from soil conditions to GPS location of measurement, for future analysis. Below is a partial list of what can be sampled using the free Apple or Android POGO apps.

  • Soil Moisture VWC %
  • EC (ds/m)
  • Temperature (C and F)
  • Date/time of last logged sample
  • GPS Location
  • History of logged readings
  • Zone / green name
  • Averages for zone/green
  • Location name
  • User name
  • User email address
  • Warnings outside of user thresholds
  • Memo entries
  • Number of samples per zone/green
  • History of logged samples
  • ... and more!

The POGO Turf and Soil Insight Tool utilizes free apps to collect, display, and transmit collected data. These apps are available from both the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store for compatible devices. The app may be downloaded directly on your device, or on your PC and then manually synced to your device.

POGO Turf Pro App - free download

Designed for advanced golf and sports turf management, including the ability to set up multiple users, measurement zones and GPS geo-location tagging, measurement averaging, user-specified threshold warnings, and more.

POGO Turf Pro App golf and sport turf management - Apple iPhone, iPad, and iTouch compatible

POGO Turf Pro App golf and sport turf management - Google Android compatible

HydraMon App - free download

Designed for basic soil measurement, and includes a more limited number of features that allow for very quick sampling and recording of data for later analysis.

HydraMon App for basic soil measurement - Apple iPhone, iPad, and iTouch compatible

HydraMon App for basic soil measurement - Google Android compatible


  • Instantly measure soil moisture, electroconductivity (salinity), temperature and more
  • Optimize water usage, fertilization, and overall turf analysis
  • Easy to operate - simply insert probe into turf / soil, click sample and click save to log sample
  • Reliable: over 10 years of field and research-proven science
  • Sensor depended on by the USDA, NOAA, leading irrigation companies, and many universities
  • Performs well across all turf and soil types
  • No calibration needed

Application uses

  • Trend desired conditions and know what to do to keep them
  • Conduct irrigation, nutritional, and temperature uniformity assessments quickly and easily
  • Develop growing degree models for stresses and interests most important to you and your operation
  • Know if a stress spot is moisture, salinity, or temperature related
  • Understand the combined effects of the most important influencing factors in turf management
  • Know the effects of your nutritional applications and adjust their timing more effectively
  • In only minutes a day, log and view the pulse of your entire property from a moisture, salinity, and temperature perspective
  • Easily compare present reading with average from zone (Green, FW, Tee, Custom, etc.)


  • Apple and Android app interface via Wi-Fi - no independent data collection device required
  • Rechargeable AA internal batteries with battery voltage indicator
  • On-the-fly analysis with the app
  • Data saved in .CSV format
  • Email data easily, open in spreadsheet for immediate analysis
  • Data connectivity to cloud-based enhanced turf analysis program
  • GPS logging via smart phone
  • Measures both components of complex dielectric permitivity for advanced analysis
  • Username controlled
  • Memo entry inputs available for each sample
  • Performs well in all turf / soil types
  • Durable, non-disruptive sensor tines to minimize probing holes in turf
  • Log pin locations and trends
  • Industry-leading two year warranty on all non-sensor components
  • Industry-leading five year sensor warranty