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Sports Field Equipment

The #1 Award-Winning Line Marking System

Through its cooperation with Linemark International in Denmark, BrettYoung is selling the most innovative and advanced paints for the marking out of lines on natural and synthetic grass and hard surfaces. Achieving the brightest, whitest lines and highly visual colours, whilst simultaneously reducing the cost of marking, is now a reality thanks to combining innovative chemistry and technologically advanced application system.

For the first time, groundsmen, equipment designers and paint formulation chemists were brought together with three key objectives:

• To create a unique line marking paint that provides the brightest, whitest, longest-lasting lines

• To develop a range of machines that both improve paint delivery and reduce the cost of application

• To deliver environmentally responsible, easily-disposable packaging

All three objectives were achieved with the Impact Paint System. Impact paint and iGO spray machines are now gaining foothold throughout the industry in Canada. Local authorities, contractors, schools, sports clubs have all benefitted. Experience and success in the field is substantiated and supported by independent feedback from key figures in our industry. And it’s not just proven performance in Canada. A huge number of world famous clubs across the globe have recognized the positive difference and switched their line marking programmes to the Impact Paint System.

BrettYoung is pleased to offer Linemark to our valued clients. For more information, please visit: or Contact your BrettYoung representative to place your order.