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Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance


What if we told you: you could change nothing, but change everything?

That’s what our Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance seed offers.

It’s just as easy to grow as conventional seed, but its drought tolerance is unmatched. TWCA qualified seed is third-party proven to require 30 per cent less water, meaning even water-starved grass maintains its green covering.

Reduce your reliance on irrigating and leave the watering to the sky. TWCA-qualified seed saves you time and labour, and BrettYoung is your only Class A Canadian partner offering this leading product.

When you’re not only concerned with your field, but the future of your business, your community and the planet, the sustainable choice is the only choice you need to make.

Contact your local BrettYoung rep to change everything today.

TWCA - Qualified Seed

The best turf starts with the best seed.

Our premium TWCA-qualified seed is proven to thrive even in waterstarved conditions.

Start your journey in water conservation with one of these premium varieties today.

Kentucky Bluegrass
Full Moon

Perennial Ryegrass 

Heathland (Chewings)
Shadow III (Chewings)
Celestial (CRF)
Saltillo (Tall)
Big Horn GT (Hard)
Nanook (Hard)

Look for the Seal

TWCA products are the only independently qualified turfgrasses to save water without sacrificing the quality turfgrass performance required by professionals.