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Tap into low-water use with Reservoir

Reservoir is qualified by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) as a low water use and conservation variety. It has a statistically proven ability to tolerate less water, drought stress, and recovers more quickly from drought than conventional perennial ryegrass varieties.

Reservoir’s high endophyte content and strong disease package, which includes stem rust and gray leaf spot resistance, contribute to its reliable performance. It has shown good turf quality across various mowing heights and is a top performer for winter overseeding in the transition zone. Tap into Reservoir for durable turf and water conservation.

Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance

As a Class-A Member of TWCA, BrettYoung recognizes that water conservation and improving available plant materials, to preserve the environment, is a primary concern for customers. The TWCA protocol to measure water usage involves simulating drought conditions using rainout shelters. When all varieties in a trial are reduced to 25% green cover, the experimental area is saturated with 5.0 cm of irrigation to initiate drought recovery. The trial area is subsequently irrigated weekly with 2.5 cm water. A digital image analysis machine evaluates recovery until plots reach 100% green cover. Qualified varieties demonstrate a statistically significant water saving potential over conventional varieties of the same species.