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Seabreeze GT


Seabreeze GT (PST-4SU), developed by Pure-Seed Testing, Inc., tolerates low rates of glyphosate and has outstanding salt tolerance. Seabreeze GT displays a bright green color with a spreading, lower rates of glyphosate 4-6 oz./acre (.29-.43 liter/ha), on well established turf at least 90 days after emergence. Repeated applications can be accomplished at 60 day intervals. Do not apply during periods of freezing temperatures. Seabreeze GT has very good seedling vigor and growth characteristics in shady areas and is adapted to soil pH ranges between 4.5-8.0. Seabreeze GT has a very wide range of mowing heights and is suitable for cool season putting greens to wide open golf course roughs and slopes left un-mowed for a natural appearance. Seabreeze GT is an excellent choice as a component in mixtures and blends for home lawns and park, golf course fairway overseeding and rough applications, roadsides and slopes, and reclamation projects.