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Big Horn GT


Bighorn GT originally tested as PST-4BU3 is an American sheeps fescue developed for a wide range of adaptability in the turf grass industry. Bighorn GT was bred and selected for improved turf performance, disease resistance, natural
glyphosate resistance, and increased seed yield. Bighorn GT has been a top performer in glyphosate trials when sprayed at a rate of 20 oz./acre (1.46 liter/ha). Bighorn GT has shown improved drought tolerance and a higher percentage of green cover when compared to other fine fescues under reduced watering conditions. Bighorn GT displays a pleasing blue-green color combined with good turf density and fine texture. These traits also contribute to an excellent range of
mowing heights from closely mowed fairways to un-cut golf course roughs with full maturity height at 14”-18” (35-45 cm).

Key Features:

  • Drought Tolerance
  • Vertical Growth
  • Glyphosate Tolerance
  • Shade Tolerance