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PureFormance Fairway Blend from Tee-2-Green combines Penneagle II, PennLinks II and Crystal BlueLinks for broad genetic diversity and the highest quality playing surfaces. These three high performance bents are standouts on their own, but when combined, they compliment each other to provide a broader spectrum of disease resistance, heat and cold tolerance, quick recovery, fast establishment, and unmatched performance not seen in other blends on the market today. PureFormance Fairway Blend is perfect for new establishment, overseeding, and interseeding into existing turf.

Creeping Bentgrass

  • Premium blend of Penneagle ll, PennLinks ll, and Crystal BlueLinks
  • Outstanding resistance to brown patch and dollar spot
  • Excellent heat and cold tolerance

Performance in Trials1


1Mean disease and turf quality rating for creeping bentgrass entries in a turf trial seeded fall of 2005 near Rolesville, NC and maintanied at 0.5" mowing height. Turfgrass Quality Ratings 1-9; 9 = No Disease, Ideal Turf