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Pure Distinction


Pure Distinction is the latest advanced bentgrass from Pure-Seed Testing. It has a rich heritage that includes legendary Penncross and the groundbreaking Penn A's and G's. Uniquely bright green colored, Pure Distinction takes the superb attributes of these bents-dense, upright, and aggressive growth, less thatch and easy maintenance-to the next level. It's the ultimate bentgrass for smooth and true putting greens and ideal for tees and fairways. Pure Distinction also has exceptionally strong resistance to diseases and outstanding resistance to heat, cold and wear.

Creeping Bentgrass

  • Excellent resistance to bacterial wilt, brown- & fusarium patch, anthracnose & leaf spot
  • Great resistance to dollar spot
  • Excellent heat, cold, and wear tolerance
  • Recovers quickly

Performance in Trials1

1Mean Turfgrass Quality Ratings  of Bentgrass Cultivars On A Green  At Five Locations In U.S.  From AMMI Group I 2010 Data Turfgrass Quality Ratings 1-9; 9 = Ideal Turf