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Reclamation Information

When you’re dealing with tight timelines, extensive approval processes and the ever-evolving lineup of products in the reclamation industry, you need a partner with the knowledge and efficiency to help keep your projects moving forward.

We’re committed to supporting Canada’s reclamation industry. That commitment starts with educated specialists with vast industry experience, and it ends with unmatched attention to detail. From our extensive and readily available Native Grass portfolio all the way through to multiple logistics locations, we sweat the small stuff to deliver the best product lineup and support to you.

We stock a large range of reclamation-related products because we know that when Mother Nature throws a curveball or a project goes sideways and you need a product – you need it now, not next week.
As one of Canada’s largest major seed suppliers equipped with fertilizer, chemicals, soil amendments, hydroseeding and erosion control products among many native grass seeds and mixes, BrettYoung is your last-minute request, tight-turnaround – and planning-ahead – partner to simplify reclamation.


British Columbia Reclamation Information
• Alberta Reclamation Information
Saskatchewan Reclamation Information