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VinylGuard Golf

VinylGuard Golf provides thousands of golf courses worldwide with innovative products to renew, protect, enhance and extend the life of golf course equipment. Superintendents can apply a good-looking, better-than-new, low cost, exterior grade vinyl covering in just minutes using a heat gun.

Our company has been a leader in heat shrinkable technology since 1964. VinylGuard shrink wrap, manufactured in our 90,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art factory in Woburn, MA, is made from high performance polymers and provides years of tough protection against damage from abrasion and exposure to sunlight, lawn chemicals and the elements — eliminating fiberglass splinters, fading and the need for expensive and frequent maintenance

BrettYoung is pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to save on costly annual replacements and at the same time actually enhance the look of bunker rakes, flagsticks, OB stakes and ball washer posts that are covered in VinylGuard.