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Golf Course Accessories

Since 1955, Par Aide has been providing superior golf course accessories "Wherever Golf is Played." The family-owned company offers a full line of premium golf course accessories, including tee, green and practice area products, tools, and signage. Throughout the 60+ year history of the company, the focus has remained squarely on the customer and assisting golf course management in creating an ideal experience for the golfer. This is achieved by enhancing their facility with trustworthy and innovative golf course accessories that meet or exceed the expectations of both the golf course and golfer alike.

What sets Par Aide apart is their natural instinct to listen to the customer. We listen to our customers’ needs and through listening we in turn INNOVATE. To us, innovation takes on many forms, with every innovation designed to make our customers jobs easier. We innovate whole products, from start to finish, to provide solutions no other company can match: the 360 Hole Painter, Dura-Flex Signs, and most recently the AccuForm AccuSeed are all examples of this process. But we don’t stop there, we continue to look at existing products and challenge ourselves to find better solutions, make improvements and innovate. Products like the AccuForm Ace II Bunker Rake, the grooved flagstick ferrule and the Ever-White Putting Cup were all born when we asked ourselves, “How can we make a better bunker rake (flagstick or putting cup).”

In each of the Canadian markets where BrettYoung represents Par Aide, that representation thrives because of the goal to see our customer succeed that both Par Aide and BrettYoung share. Additionally, it is the expertise and product knowledge of the Par Aide line of products, the passion for the golf industry and the overall professionalism of the organization that makes our partnership with BrettYoung excel.

BrettYoung is pleased to offer Par Aide to our valued clients.

For more information on Par Aide, please visit: or Contact your BrettYoung representative to place your order.