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Primary Nutrition

Brand  Product Intended Use Season Analysis Key Features
Plant Food Company Adam’s Earth® Greens/Tees/Fairways All Season 0-0-1 • Increases plant vigour and chlorophyll production
• Chelates nutrients tied up in soils
• Will improve turf health in all conditions
Green-T® impulse™ Greens/Tees/Fairways All Season 6-0-0 • Reduces wilt and plant stress during summer
• Increases calcium and potassium uptake
• Reduces frost damage in fall
Potassium 0-0-27 Greens/Tees/Fairways All Season 0-0-27 • Great supplemental nutrition product
• Excellent source of available potassium
• Great turf safety
Potassium 0-0-25 Greens/Tees/Fairways Summer/Fall 0-0-25 • Excellent secondary source of sulphur
• Highly available form of potassium
• Economical potassium application
Green-T® Healthy Start Greens/Tees/Fairways Spring 8-27-5 • Excellent starter fertilizer
• Aids in root development
Green-T® 12-3-12 Greens/Tees/Fairways Summer/Fall 12-3-12 • Balanced formulation for excellent plant health
• Slow-release nitrogen great for two-week programs
• Micronutrients to aid in colour response
Super MK Green


All Season 18-3-4 • #1 selling Plant Food product
• Excellent nitrogen source for complete fertility programs
• All quick-release nitrogen, great for weekly programs
19-3-5 + Iron


All Season 19-3-5
Fe 50% SRN from MSN
• High nitrogen formulation for good value
• Slow-release nitrogen, great for two-week programs
• Iron to aid in colour and plant health

30-0-0 Stabilized N  

Greens/Tees/Fairways All Season 

85% SRN from MSN

• Dual slow-release nitrogen source
• High nitrogen formulation for good value
• Used in conjunction with 18-3-4 to extend nitrogen release

Redox Turf 

TurfRx Fairway+ Flowable Tees/Fairways All Season  0-7-12 • Comprehensive, complete fairway product
• Carbon-based product will help free nitrogen from soil
• Reacted nutrients means very low rates
TurfRx Greens Flowable Greens All Season 1-5-5
0.80% Fe, 0.50% Mn, 0.60% Zn,
0.20% B, 0.20% Cu
• Comprehensive, complete greens product
• Facilitates nitrogen metabolism or low nitrogen rates
• Creates very strong plants to handle stress
TurfRx Supreme Flowable Greens/Tees/Fairways Summer

0.3% Fe, 0.6% Mn,
0.6% Zn, 0.14% B,
0.3% Cu

• Comprehensive, complete greens product
• Facilitates nitrogen metabolism for low nitrogen rates
• Creates very strong plants to handle stress
TurfRx K+ Micro Crystal Greens/Tees/Fairways Summer/ Fall 0-31-52 • High-efficiency potassium and phosphorus source
• Reduces oxidative stress in the plant
• Ideal for summer and fall plant stress
TurfRx P+ Flowable Greens/ Tees/Fairways All Season 2-5-12 • Highly available, reacted phosphorus product
• Applied at very low rates with high uptake
• Can be applied with TurfRx Ca in the same tank
TurfRX NatureCur Greens/ Tees/Fairways All Season 0-2-3 • Key product for root development
• Enhances summer performance of Redox programs
• Reduces plant stress through nutrition
TurfRX OxyCal Greens/ Tees/Fairways All Season 0-4-20
Ca, S
• Highly available potassium, oxygen, and calcium nutrition
• Flexible benefits from either foliar or soil applications
• Beneficial for a broad range of stress issues