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About BrettYoung Fertilizers

Fertilizer has been a huge part of the foundation for BrettYoung’s Professional Turf Product portfolio since the business was founded. The fertilizer portfolio continues to grow and evolve year-over-year and here are a few of the reasons why superintendents choose BrettYoung products across Canada:

Innovation – Fertility has evolved significantly over the last 15 years and BrettYoung and their core partners remain at the very front of it. With innovative products from Redox and Plant Food, promoting lower rates with very high availability, turf managers are able to reduce inputs and have significantly stronger, healthier plants.

Quality – BrettYoung selects only industry leaders as their partners  and is committed to providing a quality product every time. All  granular products are full formulations, triple-screened for uniformity and easy application.

Choice – From liquid to granular to organics, the BrettYoung fertilizer offering is the most complete and diverse offering on the market.  No matter what formulation you are looking for, BrettYoung can help.

Addition of Plant Science – The spring 2016 acquisition of Plant Science means the BrettYoung product offering is about to become evenmore complete. With some of the industry’s most innovative granular technology, Plant Science is a perfect fit for BrettYoung. Stay tuned  for new products in all BrettYoung markets very soon.