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Futerra® TRM 7010

Double the performance of natural vegetation.

A mid-range TRM designed to fulfill a broad range of general turf reinforcement requirements, especially on steeper slopes and when moderate flow conditions are anticipated

Designed to provide permanent erosion control, Futerra® TRMs foster more rapid and complete vegetation establishment to accommodate higher levels of flow resistance versus conventional Turf Reinforcement Mats. The key is its open, three-dimensional matrix that delivers:

• Homogeneous and resilient structure—critical for structural integrity
• Optimum environment for vegetation establishment— critical for erosion control
• Maximum root entanglement—critical for superior erosion resistance

Futerra® TRM is made of polyamide (nylon) filaments thermally fused at their intersections to create a homogeneous matrix. Developed in 1972, it is arguably the most specified TRM on the planet today. It is unique because 95% percent of its matrix is open space, which supplements nature’s own erosion control system by reinforcing plant root systems. When fully vegetated, Futerra TRM can withstand water velocities greater than 20 feet per second and shear stresses of 10 pounds per square foot!