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HydroStraw Original


HydroStraw® Original is a hydraulically applied mulch with a specially formulated composition of annually renewable straw fiber, natural fibers for fiber matrix entanglement, and a non toxic soil stabilizer.


The primary fiber shall be produced from annually renewable straw fiber; all fiber materials should be free from plastic materials or other non bio-degradable substances. Fiber shall be of such character that the fiber will disperse into a uniform slurry when mixed with water.. Fiber shall be colored green, and shall not stain concrete or other surfaces. Fiber and other mulch ingredients shall be free from growth or germination inhibiting ingredients. Mulch Fiber shall be applied as a slurry solution by means of hydroseeder.


  • 60 lbs per 100 Gallons for hose work
  • 75 lbs per 100 gallons for tower work

Increased performance can be achieved by mixing infield a hydro-colloid tackifier such as guar per manufacturer’s recommended rates.  It is imperative that the mulch be applied at the specified rate: too wet of a mixture will cause the fibers to be buried into soil. Mulch Fiber shall be applied as a slurry solution by means of hydroseeding. Mulch Fiber shall be applied at the specified rate per the specifications in a uniform manner. Care shall be exercised to ensure that the mulch application is uniform and even throughout the seeded area; mulch shall not be bunched or clumped up on the site. Care shall also be taken as to not create a shadowing effect on the site, mulch applications shall be started on the windward side of the project.