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Hydraulic Mulch Additives

Company Product Product Information
Profile Tacking Agent 3®

• Powerful tackifier, no cure time required
• Increases water holding capacity of all types of mulches
• 30-60 lbs per acre or add 3% by weight to amy mulch


• Guar-Based Tackifier
• Alternative where organic-based tackifiers are required

FlocLoc™ • Polyacrylamide (PAM) Flocculating Soil Stabilizer
• Flocculates soil particles suspended in water, dropping them from runoff
• Increases shooting distance of the hydraulic mulch slurry due to slickifier 
• Improves water infiltration into seedbed 
• Increases water-holding capacity of hydroseeding slurry 
• Enhances suspension of seeds and fertilizer  
SlikColor™ • Enhance Visual Metering
• Concentrated dye marker 
• Improves visual metering and enhances mulch colour 
• Slickifier increases the shooting distance of the mulch slurry
AquaGel™ • Super Absorbent Co-Polymer Gel
• AquaGel™ B (coarse particles) 
• Ideal for laying sod and amending planting beds 
• AquaGel™ D (fine particles)
• Ideal for hydroseeding, transplants and dipping roots 
• Holds up to 400 times its weight in water 
• Ensures plants and roots get water when needed