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Hydraulic Erosion Control

​Company Product Product Information
Profile ProMatrix EFM

•The next generation in bonded fiber matrix technology
• 95% effective erosion control + rapid germination and vegetative
​  establishment.
• Application rates 2,00-4,000 lbs per acre

Profile ProGanics® DUAL™

• Topsoil alternative for challenging sites where hauling soil is
​  impractical
• Abundant source of organic matter to improve growing conditions
• A naturally derived, renewable component for sustainable solution

Profile Flexterra HP FGM

• Provides slope protection by direct bonding to the soil 99%
​  effectiveness at all major testing laboratories.
• Application rates 3,000-4,500 lbs per acre
• For slopes of 3:1-1:1 depending on site conditions

Profile Cocoflex ET-FGM

• Unprecedented erosion control for up yo two years
• The longest lasting applied erosion control product available
• Application rates 3,000-4,500 lbs per acre
• Designed for the toughest slopes and conditions, up to 1:1

Hydrostraw HydroStraw BFM

• Recommended for difficult sites, and adverse conditions
• Where extra erosion prevention is required. 3:1 (H:V)-1:1(H:V)
• Application rates 3,000-4500 lbs per acre.