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Factor-L loose Staples 6" x 1" x 1,000 per box • Loose staples
Profile Round Top Pin Driver Each

• Fast action, up to 40% labour savings vs manual
​  staples
• ​Reach up to 8 feet of fabric from one location​
• Jamming eliminated due to centre-driven plunger

Round Top Pins 6" x 11 guage x 1,000 per case

• Faster and easier to install vs staples​
• Less mower damage by completely going into
​  soil
• ​Penetrates hard soils much better vs loose

Round Top Bio Pin 5" x 500 per box

• 100% biodegradable in one year
• Has pull-out strength of an 8x8" gauge staple
• Easy and fast installation

VivaGreen GreenStake Biodegradable 6" x 500 per box

• Naturally biodegrades in the soil
• Very strong, can work in toughest conditions
• 18-month liefespan