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Chipco Triton with STRESSGARD™ formulation technology offers the systemic, broad spectrum disease control of a turf DMI fungicide while providing unprecedented turf quality and unbeatable protection against the stress your turf faces.

Triton STRESSGARDTM delivers consistent results for the control of diseases like anthracnose, summer patch, dollar spot, brown patch and grey snow mould without compromising turf density and quality. The combination of triticonazole and Stressgard™ Formulation Technology provides a great solution for tough diseases, while minimizing negative turf growth regulator effects that are seen with other DMI fungicides. University and field trials show consistent performance on annual bluegrass and bentgrass under summer conditions, even in the presence of trinexapac-ethyl or other growth regulators. Triton delivers outstanding control of key diseases and provides consistent turf colour and quality.