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Trilogy Stressgard


Exclusively designed for Canadian golf superintendents, TRILOGY STRESSGARD turf fungicide with StressgardTM Formulation Technology delivers multiple active ingredients and modes of action for broad spectrum disease control. Trilogy STRESSGARD provides triple protection against snow mould, dollar spot and basal rot anthracnose while at the same time reducing the total amount of active ingredients applied. Trilogy STRESSGARD combines the benefits of three proven active ingredients including iprodione, trifloxystrobin, and triticonazole. All three offer different modes of action which when combined offers long lasting winter control of pink (microdochium nivale) and grey (Typhula incarnata and Typhula ishikariensis) snow mould diseases. This powerful combination also gives up to 21 days control of Dollar Spot and 14 days control of Anthracnose.