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HonorTM is a new multiple mode of action fungicide that controls key turf diseases while providing IntrinsicTM plant health benefits. 

  • Up to 28 days of control of more than twenty turf diseases, including summer patch, anthracnose and dollar spot.
  • Multiple mode of action control of dollar spot.
  • Unique Intrinsic plant health benefits help turf mitigate environmental and mechanical stress.

How it works

  • Honor contains both Group 7 and 11 fungicide active ingredients.
  • Formulated as a dry granule, Honor dissolves into solution quickly and easily.
  • Honor binds tightly to the waxy cuticle of turf and translocates quickly into the plant resulting in rapid rainfastness.
  • Honor protects against disease by disrupting the fungal cells’ ability to produce energy, stopping spore germination and fungal growth.
  • Translaminar and locally-systemic, Honor protects the entire leaf surface.